Why do programmers laud PIC designs?

You might be someone that’s in need of high quality products. If so, then you may want to try our handheld programmers. Customers frequently use them because they work for many applications. This includes when mobile programming is vital. Even engineers without lots of training can use them for firmware updates.

We have many types of handheld programmers available. Our PIC designs are excellent examples. They are perfect for programming standalone PIC microcontrollers during production.

The controllers are some of the most flexible utensils around. This is because they possess adaptable memory. In addition, they can support all sorts of software and hardware. There are other advantages to using them as well.

Certain microcontrollers have speed capacities that can reach 64 MIPS. This is roughly sixteen times the speed of standard AVR models.

They’re not only quick though. They are also easy to program. Organising your electronic projects can prove to be a challenge at times. However, using PIC microcontrollers is not difficult. This can save you time when you come to format.

Scaling designs

It is easy to scale a project up or down too. You can thank how flexible they are for this. The lowest power accessible is 100 DMIPS. Later, your code demands might start to grow. When they do, you can employ the entire program memory.

PIC chips are also known for their reliability. Therefore they aren’t as likely to fail when you build them into a machine. The microcontrollers use RISC architecture as well. This means they can provide powerful performances. You can even rely on PIC for integrating the interface. They can even connect analogue gadgets without having to use extra circuitry.

At Kanda, we have PIC handheld programmers available as well as USB loaders in starter kits. They come on their own too if you don’t require the extra components.

If you would like to know more about our merchandise, please contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you have for us.

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