What to do when there are faulty USB ports

We provide a series of helpful programming products to our customers. Some of the most useful however would have to be those belonging to our CANUSB collection. Their purpose is to make your life simpler. They accomplish this by streamlining your PC connection. In addition to being effective, they’re also some of the cheapest gadgets on the market.

We simply expect USB devices to work when we plug them in. This is the beauty of the universal connection. However, there may come a time when they stop working suddenly. You’ll always be able to track the issue down to a software or hardware failure. When your own USB fails you, we advise that you try the following actions.


USB is rather robust. However, when there is nothing plugged in, the ports are wide open. This makes it easy for debris like food or dust to wedge itself in. Prior to making any big moves, examine your USB closely. If there’s any dirt inside, shut your computer down. Afterwards, move what is causing the obstruction gently.

Try a different port

The USB might look fine physically but restarting everything has done much good. What you should try next is to figure out if you have a device, cable, or port failure. The majority of computers have several USB ports. As such, a decent way of ruling out one malfunctioning port is by using your device in another one. If everything works ok after switching ports then the first one could have a physical issue. Fix it if you’re planning on using it in the future.

At Kanda, we want everyone to leave us with products that are suitable for their needs. Our merchandise conforms to CAN IN Automation specifications. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that you’re using a product that has passed all the tests. This includes reliable CANUSB adaptors.

If there is anything you need from us, please get in touch.

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