The function of bootloaders

When it comes to keyfob programmers, we supply the finest models around. You can use them to program a wide array of microcontrollers. This includes those belonging to the COP8, PIC, and AVR categories. With so many options available, we’re certain that you’ll find a suitable solution with us.

Keyfob programming is very popular because it makes it possible to work without a PC. As a result it is easier for people to program on production lines and in other settings.

One of the most interesting facts about microcontrollers is they are now an essential part of our daily lives. Elementary 8-bit mechanisms manage our toasters. The more powerful 32-bit DSPs offer us rich entertainment and media. It’s safe to say that we’ve become quite accustomed to both. With no microcontrollers, we would lose a degree of control that people love.

What happens if I need to do a software update?

Some of you are probably asking what will happen to these gadgets once they require a software update. You might think that you need to return them to the manufacturer. However, this is not necessary. The main reason why is that the majority of systems come with a bootloader.

This bootloader is an application. Its function is to permit a software update without using specialised hardware. A JTAG programmer is a good example of this. The bootloader oversees the system’s images. It’s capable of communicating over a series of protocols. Examples include USB, Ethernet, and USART. Systems equipped with bootloaders possess two program images at minimum. They coexist on a single microcontroller. They must also have a branch code. This looks to see whether a software update is happening.

At Kanda, we want to make sure that keyfob programmers don’t fail you at a critical moment. To this end, we also include batteries in our store. You can pick some up when purchasing your programmer. This way you always have spares.

If we can be of assistance to you, please let us know. You can also find lots of info and resources on our website.

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