Bluetooth has its advantages over Wi-Fi

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For those who don’t know, Bluetooth is a form of wireless connection. It enables users to link up a multitude of devices. Similar to Wi-Fi, you can use it to work electronics and exchange files. Game consoles, mobile phones, and headsets are all able to take advantage of it. Some people will point to its limitations. But, it can make the connectivity between gadgets more dependable than other options.

A quick and easy set up

One of the biggest advantages with Bluetooth is its simple set up. The interface changes depending on what devices you are using. However, to connect two gadgets, one needs to be discoverable while the other scans. You simply need to pair them up. Once you do, you should not have to reconnect anything.


Another reason why you should be using Bluetooth is the compatibility. There are a huge number of compatible products. For example, things like headsets and headphones work with any device that supports it. This is regardless of the design, model, or make. With long range Bluetooth you have even more options because devices can connect over a longer distance.

Less hardware

There is less hardware for you to worry about too. The lack of wires is advantageous, there is no denying this. In addition, Bluetooth is actually less bulky than Wi-Fi.

In the home, to produce a wireless Wi-Fi network, you will need a router to establish the access point. The communications between devices on a wireless network need to pass through it.

As for Bluetooth, the gadgets communicate with one another directly. If your devices have it enabled there is no need for you to use extra hardware. Should someone require more hardware, it will come in the form of a compact USB dongle. These will add Bluetooth connectivity to the device.

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