A solution to having so many programmable devices available

It is our job to ensure that our clients have easy access to the best programming equipment. To this end, we stock a wide array of Xeltek and Wellon universal programmers. We offer a great service, ensuring we get orders to our customers as fast as we can. In addition, we make sure they pay great prices for items.

Contemporary microcontrollers

Modern microcontrollers tend to come with the capacity to reprogram small memory blocks. This is after installing the main code. They also have flash memory. Despite this, you still need to use an external programmer with them.

Separate integrated circuits like PAL and FPGA are programmable logic tools. Here, the data you are entering defines a combinational logic circuit. This is instead of software instructions. You also have to program these prior to using them.

The equipment you need to do the programming tasks can have many names. One of them is device programmer. Regardless of the name, it is merely hardware that you need to move data into IC’s.


There are several types of the programmer. Universal programmers are the one we are going to look at. They have the ability to program a number of devices rather than having limitations to certain ones only. This is very useful because there are many programmable devices as well as an array of different ways to program them.

Device differences

Programming strategies all require you to link the device to the programmer. You do this by connecting the latter to the board or you plug it into a socket. After that, data transfers to the device. It does so by applying signals to the pins via pin-driver circuits.

With this process, however, come distinctions between devices. For one thing, there isn’t a single standout pinout for your programming pins. Plus, certain devices need data through serial inputs. Some must be parallel. Devices also operate on distinct supply voltages and use separate voltages for programming.

Consequently, every universal programmer I/O pin has to apply voltages. They must be in a range of 0 to 25V. Clock rates must be up to 40 MHz too. In addition, the logic inputs need adjustable thresholds. We can’t forget about the expanding number of different packages either.

We have universal programmers for every need

At Kanda, we do our best to ensure that customers end up with the correct programmers. When a customer has queries, our team is ready to help them. For example they may need to know what programmer to use with a specific microcontroller. We can offer suggestions and help them to select the right model.

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