AVR and PIC Programmers in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 is here and more and more people will be forced to use it as they purchase new computers. I do not like it myself as I find it slow and clunky and even more of the system is hidden from you but it is here to stay. A pity, because Microsoft got it pretty damn right with Windows 7.

All Kanda USB programmers, including handheld programmers, keyfobs and AVR ISP programmers, have been tested on Windows 8 and we have also tested most third party programmers we distribute just to make sure. We have also checked 32 and 64 bit versions without finding any problems.

However, customers who bought programmers or starter kits years ago when XP was the current system may sometimes have a problem if they try and load the software version that came with the programmer onto Windows 8 systems.

New software versions are free and always available for download on the Kanda Software Downloads Page

Please try updating the software to the latest version before you contact support as 99% of issues will be solved by doing this. The new versions still support Windows XP, Vista, ME and Win 7 as well as Win 8 and Win 8.1.

On both Windows 7 and 8, USB driver install can take ages as they both insist on visiting the Microsoft site to look for the drivers even though they are already built in to Windows. To speed it up, make it skip this step and install will be much faster.

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