Why are universal programmers essential?

Whatever kind of embedded system or integrated circuit you are creating, you will need the ability to program the memory device or programmable logic device. Without doing this, the system or circuit will not work. The best piece of equipment to have here is one of the market leading universal programmers. Brands like Wellon and Xeltek offer some of the most reliable products.

How do you programme the devices?

This is really straightforward. Generally all you need to do is connect them to the programmer. You may be able to plug the device directly into a socket on the programmer itself. If not, you will need to connect an adaptor to the board so you can attach it. Then it is a simple case of transferring the data.

Things to think about

However, while it might sound very simple, there are some issues to consider. Firstly is the fact that devices can require different inputs to receive the data. In some cases they will want the input to be serial. However, other devices can require a parallel input. That means the programmer you use must be able to provide the correct inputs. Luckily, universal programmers can usually provide both kinds of logic inputs.

Another issue is that the voltage requirements can differ by device and circuit. For example, one device may require a low supply and programming voltage. Another may want it to be higher for one or both. Again, a universal programmer is a great tool to have. They will usually be able to adjust the voltage, offering a range from 0 to as much as 25V or more.

On top of this it is important to think about socket adaptors and software. Without the right adaptor you won’t be able to connect the device to the programmer. Therefore the best product to use is one that can work with various sockets and adaptors. The same is true for the software. Ideally you want a programmer that will let you use whatever programming software you like. Yet again universal programmers excel here.

The easy way to buy universal programmers

As you can see, a universal programmer can become an essential piece of equipment you will come to rely on. It will be one of the most dynamic tools you have access to. This is especially true if you choose a model that can work with a huge number of devices. There are models that work with over 90,000 devices, including those from various manufacturers.

If you want to invest in a great piece of equipment, Kanda can help. We have models from market leaders and offer some of the very best prices. You can buy online or contact us if you have any questions. We would be happy to suggest the right model for you.

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