Everything that makes the VP-299 a standout programmer

The team here at Kanda is known throughout the world for being one of the top providers of universal programmers. Within our collection, you can find some of the most sophisticated tools available, including many from the Wellon range. Being authorised distributors of their products, in addition to countless others, we’re certain that you’ll come across a device that matches your requirements brilliantly.

Of the multitude of Wellon programmers we have on sale, the VP-299 is the favourite of numerous individuals. Aside from being a very cost efficient solution, there are other features that put it in one of the leading spots. To give you an idea of just how superb this machine is, we are going to discuss some of these attributes.

One thing you can expect from the VP-299 is much quicker programming. This quality can be accredited to its use of USB 2.0. Speaking of USB, it comes with an interface that allows your apparatus to be used with PS/2 or compatibles, PCs, and laptop computers. Additionally, it will welcome the majority of compiler outputs in JEDEC format. This includes ISDATA, OrCAD, PALASM, and PLD Designer.

With each separate gadget, you shall be supplied with the potential for superlative programming. If you are a frequent user of 1.5v low voltage instruments, you’ll be happy to hear that the VP-299 supports them. Those who utilise DIL mechanisms won’t need any adapters whilst using this programmer. Finally, there is some degree of automated functionality with the VP-299. Once it detects the insertion of a chip, auto-run mode automatically begins programming.

At Kanda, we stock other models of universal programmers in addition to the VP-299, including the VP-398 and VP-598, and the GP-10. Thanks to our supreme customer service and swift delivery arrangements, many of our patrons have become repeat customers, and have even recommended us to their friends.

If you are interested in making a purchase, please get in touch with our company.

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