Which starter kit should I choose?

Every programmer needs to start somewhere, and there’s no place better than with our starter kits. Known as a premier provider of these devices, people specifically come to us whenever they are looking for not only a good deal, but also superior merchandise. We also pride ourselves on being able to offer customers a custom modification and design service, something we recommend for everyone with requirements that are a bit out of the ordinary. Whatever it is you need, we promise to do everything in our power to get it to you.

There are many starter kits to pick from, but there is one brand in particular that frequently stands out; Arduino. Each kit comes crammed with hardware and statistics. Because this is the case, you must know how to distinguish the top performing kit, since your instruction progress shall be largely regulated by the machinery you employ.

The number one consideration on your list should be the centrepiece gear possessed by your kit. Specifically, we’re referring to the microcontroller board your work shall be focused on. The majority of the kits make use of an Arduino UNO R3, which is essentially the platform’s flagship component.

Since the Arduino boards cannot be used on their own, you have to examine the variety and number of components within the kit. There should be multiple active and passive modules present that allow you to conduct as many tutorials as you wish, enabling you to take more away from your experiences.

At Kanda, you can expect to find an assorted collection of starter kits within our inventory. Whether it’s something from our Arduino group you are after, like the Experimenters Kit for instance, or another product entirely, we will see to it that you’re set up with an item that is suitable.

If our goods interest you and you’d like to know more about them, we’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

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