Recommendations for PIC microcontroller design

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It is important to have the right microcontroller to go with your keyfob programmer. Your situation might call for an 8-bit PIC microcontroller. When developing a product with one of these, you must consider several basic design considerations. This is the case for any application. You can find examples of some of the most common ones below.

Power supply

One consideration would be the power supply pins. You will have to use decoupling capacitors on each pair of pins. Moreover, you will need to think about details like handling high frequency noise. Your printed circuit board could be experiencing this. If it is, add another ceramic type capacitor. You should do so in parallel to the suggested decoupling capacitor. The second capacitor’s value could be in the range of 0.01µF and 0.001µF. Position it next to every main decoupling capacitor.

External oscillator pins

You should think about the external oscillator pins as well. Several PIC microcontrollers possess options for two oscillators at minimum. This includes a low frequency secondary one and a high frequency primary one. It is wise to place the oscillator circuit on the same side of the board that the device is on. Also, make sure it is near the respective pins. Do so with no more than 12mm between each pin and the circuit components.

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