The basics of Bluetooth Low Energy

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Bluetooth made wireless products a possibility. Lots of different items came to market as a result, including headphones. The tech got a reputation as one of the best ever. However, the regular Bluetooth Classic standards suffer from issues. These include a lack of connection stability and short battery life. Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) is the ideal solution here.


Bluetooth Low Energy does not replace Bluetooth Classic standards. It complements it instead. This is in cases that demand low power. Unless you link the devices, they stay in sleep mode. As a result, they use up a small amount of power. It only takes milliseconds for you to set up a connection. Bluetooth LE gadgets can communicate data up to 100 meters. This is subject to certain factors. They include structure loss or receiver sensitivity.

Low Energy incorporation

Some will wish to use Bluetooth LE. They should know that they have many ways to do it. Firstly, you can use a microcontroller with this feature built in. This is a very simple option.

Alternatively, you could integrate a microcontroller using a Bluetooth LE module with it. In most cases, these modules are certified. Employing one of them saves you money as well as time on certification.

Your goal may be to create hundreds of thousands of units. If so, a microcontroller with built-in BLE is more sensible. The lower production cost is going to make up for the price of certifying your hardware.

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