The programming benefits of Bluetooth

With Wi-Fi networks and connectivity being so prevalent in this day and age there’s a tendency to, for want of a better term, “forget” about Bluetooth. Although it was, for many, the first experience many had with wireless connectivity, the speed, power and range possible with Wi-Fi has seen a substantial change in how we wirelessly connect devices. It would, however, be wrong to say Bluetooth has been abandoned all together. In the programming environment it still holds many distinct advantages. We supply Bluetooth starter kits designed to let you access them.

In terms of programming, the benefit of using wireless connectivity over cable or serial is as straightforward as it is self-explanatory. Going wireless gives you the opportunity to save on time and costs. To be able to do this to an optimal level, however, you must ensure that your chosen form of connectivity is both cost-effective and reliable. Bluetooth gives you both.

For some 20 years Bluetooth has been counted on as the industry standard for wireless connectivity. The system is both reliable and robust, which are key requirements in any form of system connection. In terms of this, it should also be noted that it’s standard for connecting devices in this manner to be a great deal simpler and less resource heavy than is the case with Wi-Fi. Bluetooth is also cheaper to implement and the power consumption level is considerably lower.

Our Parani starter kit, featuring an ESD110 Bluetooth to Serial Module with antenna connector, is purpose designed to bring you the above benefits. It also delivers much more in terms of your requirements, as this kit also features support for generic access profile connections.

Each year some 9 billion products featuring Bluetooth technology are manufactured and shipped. Whilst when we think of wireless connectivity in our day to day lives it’s normal and natural to think of Wi-Fi, it is as you can see a mistake to assume that it is always the best option. We will make sure that you have the right starter kits for your programming and update requirements.

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