Does your programmer have the right capabilities?

The universal programmers we stock are some of the finest on the market. You can use them in tandem with a host of devices. This includes microcontrollers as well as various memory chips. They have several special features too. These set them apart from other designs, making them the perfect devices to invest in.

Chip programming technology is improving, meaning there are more options on the market. However, there have been some downsides. It’s now more difficult to select the ideal universal chip programmer. People need to think carefully about what they need before deciding. The following are key concerns you should remember.


You must spot defective pin contacts prior to programming chips. This is between IC and socket pins. You’ll need to identify incorrect insertions as well. This is a critical feature of modern programmers. This simple check can help you avoid many mistakes, saving time and money.

Top programming speeds

It’s vital to have high programming speeds too. This is mandatory for working with bigger files. Your programmer should work at the IC’s theoretical limit. Xeltek gadgets are famous for their impressive speeds, therefore they are a very popular choice.


Make sure you don’t forget about the operating system and the PC interface too. Your programmer should support as many systems as it can. The more it supports, the better it’ll be. In addition, parallel ports aren’t fashionable these days. As such, universal programmers usually include USB 2.0.


Last but not least, your programmer needs sufficient software functionality. Ideally, it has to recognise a diverse range of file formats. It should also automatically prompt file address overflow.

At Kanda, we have a wide collection of universal programmers from top brands. Each range comes with its own unique attributes. Because we only stock the bet items, whatever you choose, you’ll receive top quality results.

We have lots of experience so we can support all kinds of clients. Whether you are programming devices for sale, personal use, or training and development, we can give you the products you need. Have a look at our website to browse the programmers or contact us for help finding the right one.

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