The potential of the ST7FLITE2 kit

Programming starter kits come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. We are a business that specialises in providing these essential tools because we know how useful they are. In our inventory, you can find PLD, FPGA, ST7, and even DIL NetPC designs. These are only a few examples however; there is much more available for you to purchase.

When it comes to the ST7 starter kit range, you can choose from multiple options. The ST7FLITE2 is an excellent example. It’s an affordable and flexible hardware and software development solution. Therefore, it’s the perfect choice for ST7Lite applications. Additionally, it offers users real-time in-circuit programming and debugging abilities.

This kit has many other important features as well. These would be the evaluation versions of the Cosmic C and Metroworks compliers for ST7. They integrate with STVD7 seamlessly. In addition to STVD7, our kit supplies you with everything you need. You can download, write, assemble, debug, and in-circuit emulate user code.

Debug features

This kit comes with an array of specialist debug features too. It includes an ICC serial interface module. This enables you to commune with a host gadget. You accomplish this via a pair of dedicated pins. Through ICC commands, you can use a host mechanism to read data from your microcontroller. You can also program data into it.

There is a dedicated peripheral built in to the contraption as well. It permits you to do advanced debugging. For example you can use breakpoints and single-step execution. With additions like these, it’s easier to introduce real-time, low cost emulation solutions.

At Kanda, we help our customers in any way we can. We’ve advised people on what starter kit would suit them best for their projects. In addition, we’ve told them how to use said tools in the most effective manners. In many cases the ST7FLITE2 is a great choice.

If there is anything you need from us, don’t hesitate to ask. We hope to hear from you soon and can send you a starter kit quickly.

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