A look at the KF0020M programmer

Kanda dedicates a great deal of time and effort towards providing customers with first class programming apparatus. Stocking a large variety of products, including the likes of our keyfob programmers, we are confident that we have something that can fulfil your every requirement. Reasonably priced and delivered using a quick and efficient service, there is no reason not to deal with us.

The KF0020M AVR keyfob programmer that we supply functions as the parallel port variation of our simple design. It has built a reputation as one of the best devices we have. A programmer that is entirely portable for AVR flash microcontroller In System Programming, it can be utilised for production and field usage with an impressive 64KB worth of memory. As you might expect, this device comes inside of a keyfob case, and with a one-button operation, which negates operator faults. Whether it’s on the field or the production line, this contraption also abolishes the demand for a PC.

Simply load things up with the 64KB mini-programmer starter kit and you are good to go. After the programme has finished its loading process, you merely need to keep hooking it up to your target boards. Once this is done, you must verify/program EEPROM and Flash with but a single press of the button.

In order to load this programmer up, you shall require a starter kit. One alone is enough to load as many keyfob programmers as you wish, so there’s no need to overspend.

In terms of support, the keyfob is suitable for use with the likes of AT90S1200, ATmega16, and various other units. However, there’s no support available for ATmega2561 or ATmega2560, so bear that in mind.

At Kanda, our suggestion to everyone who wishes to purchase the KF0020M is to isolate or test your target boards before doing anything else. The reason why is that the keyfob isn’t able to cope with any that are faulty. Despite this, they are still valuable commodities when placed into the right hands.

If our merchandise has caught your attention and you’d like additional information, you’re welcome to contact us at any time.

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