Make your investment go further with universal programmers

The greatest thing about universal programmers is you only need a single one to program thousands of different devices. This is effective in terms of making your investment go as far as possible. It is also wise if you lack space to accommodate multiple devices for programming.

With a single universal programmer all you need to do is change the socket. That way you can cater for between 6 and 208 pins. There are sockets for various device packages, whether it is TQFP, SOIC, SSOP, TSOP, PLCC, or QFN. The most advanced programmers from Wellon can support almost 100,000 different devices.

At Kanda we work hard to provide the best selection of programming products, ensuring we can meet the needs of different clients. To achieve this we have become authorised worldwide distributors for a number of renowned brands including Wellon. We stock several of their devices including the GP-10 with its standalone mode, the VP-299, and the VP-998.

As well as choosing an actual programmer you may need to choose specific socket adaptors to suit your needs. We have a selection of the most popular ones on our website including PLCC44 and SSOP28. There are many more available direct from Wellon, including larger ones that tend to be more device specific. We can arrange to supply your requested products for you.

Before selecting a programmer we recommend you consult the device support lists to ensure it will meet your needs. This may take a little time but it will ensure you select the right product.

The great thing about choosing Wellon is the programmers have been designed to offer high stability, good speed, and integrity. They are also low cost, ensuring they are a very wise investment. In addition regular free software updates mean the device can always stay up to date.

Whether you need universal programmers for research and development, repairs, or other specific uses, Kanda can offer products you can rely on. Browse our website to find out more or get in touch with our team for help.

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