ISP and IAP programming are two different processes

Some of the numerous useful devices we sell here at Kanda are our ISP programmers. This stands for In System Programming. It enables users to program devices within a final circuit instead of with a separate socket programmer. It is an advantageous process and one you should consider looking at.

How programming works

Normally, programming is where you overcome a computer issue. You do this via the development of executable programmes. The procedure consists of you inspecting the problem and understanding it. From here, you produce algorithms and start coding. A person can code using a series of programming languages. To understand things a little better, we are going to look at two common types; ISP and IAP.

ISP programming

You can define this as a method used where you program a device following the installation of a circuit board. What you will usually be working on is a microcontroller or micro chip. It may even be another embedded product. With ISP, you need a special programming interface and an adapter. Another requirement is software that is able of oversee the programming interface via any port.

Kanda is proud to offer high quality ISP programmers so you can buy from us with ease if you need to.

IAP programming

Now, we come to In Application Programming. This is the capacity of an application to expunge and program codes into an end user application’s memory. A decent example is where it needs to download fresh code parts. Therefore, IAP means that your app shall reprogram sections of the on chip Flash-ROM.

The differences

What we are going to do now is dive more into how the two differ. In both ISP and IAP, the principal gadget you will deal with is the microcontroller. ISP memory programming demands that the controller be offline. Because of this, it is not involved when you are programming the memory. With IAP though, it is the opposite. Since this is the case, it is essential to have your systems online. You can update the application memory this way.

The applications

ISP programming is primarily suitable for manufacturing. It is the best option here because manufacturers are able to program chips in their systems. This is better than purchasing pre-programmed chips. It aids them with applying code or design changes when they are in the production run. IAP is more appropriate for field updates.

There is one final detail to note. With ISP, you can program or erase the entire controller. As for IAP, you can program some memory sections but not others.

Come to Kanda for ISP programmers

At Kanda, we have a myriad of programmers. They work well with microcontrollers, such as ST7, COP8, PIC, and AVR. In fact, we have some models that can work with tens of thousands of devices.

If you are looking at ISP programmers, please give us a call. We know a great deal about the models in our range so we can help clients to choose the right product.

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