Atmel ICE – Basic vs Pro

At Kanda we are very happy to stock one of the broadest selections of programmers and debuggers in the world. We have products from all kinds of high profile manufacturers. This includes the latest Atmel ICE, the successor to the immensely popular AVR Dragon. So, if you are looking for quality products and a reliable service, we are the team for you.

One question we get quite often about Atmel ICE is whether it is better to buy the Basic or Pro. We want to take a little closer look at both to see which is better.

What do they include?

The first thing to look at is what you get with each one.

The Basic is quite self explanatory; you only get the board in a case and a cable. This is enough for most people and will serve their needs perfectly.

The Pro includes a few more things that some users will find very useful. For starters it has more cabling to cover different target pinouts. In addition, there is an extra header and more adaptors. As a result, this can be a better option for people who need a full kit.


Both models include a lot of the same resources. For example, they both have the Atmel ICE datasheets, user guide, and design resources. The Pro has extra video files to help users. It also has a better online catalogue.


Again both the Basic and Pro models have the same classifications. For example, both are ROHS3 compliant. In addition, they have 1 (unlimited) moisture sensitivity levels.


Atmel ICE has a reputation for being one of the most cost effective programming/debugging products. The cheapest option is to choose the board on its own. This doesn’t include anything else. The Basic edition is a little more expensive because you get more. Similarly, the Pro is the most expensive as it includes even more products.

Which is better?

The basic board here is fantastic and is much better than many other products on the market. In terms of which is better out of the Basic and Pro, it mostly comes down to your needs. If you will need the extra cabling and adaptors, the full kit is for you. However, if you won’t need all of the extras, the basic should do everything you want it to.

Order Atmel ICE

If you want to order a fantastic product that has become one of the most popular on the market, Kanda can help. We have it in stock and you can order via our website. However, if you need any advice about what programmer/debugger to choose, you can get in touch. We will help you to decide what to pick.

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