Identifying power, cost, and memory requirements

The thing about standard programming utensils is that their weaknesses reveal themselves whenever you try to update the firmware in the field. This also could happen when people attempt to move their merchandise to production. The solution here is to employ one of our handheld programmers. After loading the device, you only need to plug it in and press a button; it’s that simple.

These programming devices do prove useful when trying to program a microcontroller. Before you can start however, you must confirm that you have the right microcontrollers. There are various steps involved in this process.

Memory needs

One of the most important steps is to discern your memory requirements. RAM and flash are two vital elements of the microcontroller. Ensuring that you don’t exhaust your variable or program space is certainly a top priority. It’s far more straightforward to choose a component with too many of these features than not enough. Reaching the conclusion of a design only to discover that you must cut features or that you require 110% won’t do.

Ultimately, you could always begin with more features and shift towards a regulated section inside the same chip family later. The best thing to do would be to utilise the communication peripherals and software architecture included in the application. This way, engineers can judge the amount of RAM and flash they’ll need for their project.

Power needs and costs

You must also appraise power and costs. The ideal time to do this would be when you have a list of possible contenders. A battery and mobile might charge your machinery. In this case, you need to ensure that your constituents are low power.

At Kanda, the handheld programmers we provide perform brilliantly whenever production takes place off site. We’ve added several properties to them to make things easier for you. For instance, restrict number of uses comes in handy for managing the amount of units your clients can program.

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