Choose your architecture

Universal programmers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. The important thing is to know which one suits your personal requirements. With such a varied collection, we’re certain that we can help you in securing a suitable apparatus. With our help the equipment you choose will be the best in terms of both functionality and pricing.

Choosing the proper microcontroller for a product isn’t the easiest of jobs. There are all the technical features that require consideration. In addition, you must think about business case issues like lead-times and cost.

Starting out

At the beginning of a project people become tempted to jump straight in and pick a controller without looking at the details. This isn’t a smart idea. To avoid any problems, you should take the following step when choosing your microcontroller.

Decide on the architecture

Beforehand, you must create a list of the necessary hardware interfaces and inspect the software architecture. This shall enable an engineer to get an idea of what architecture you will need. Ask yourself whether the application can succeed with 8-bit architectures. Consider 16 bits too and determine whether you require a 32-bit ARM core.

Thinking ahead

Remember to keep potential future essentials and feature creep in mind. You may be doing well with an 8-bit microcontroller right now. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that a 16-bit design should be out of the question for future projects. Always remember that selecting a microcontroller can be an iterative affair. During this step, you might prefer a 16-bit model. In a succeeding one though, you could decide that a 32-bit ARM is better.

At Kanda, we have plenty of Wellon VP universal programmers in stock. For example, we have the highly rated VP-299. You can use it with an assemblage of components, including AVR and PIC microcontrollers, EEPROMs, flash memory, and PLDs. Therefore it is one of the most diverse pieces of programming equipment you can choose.

If our offerings interest you and you’d like more information, feel free to contact us.

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