A quick look at the CAN bus

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What is CAN bus?

The CAN stands for Controller Area Network. Therefore, the system is a series of connections linking various nodes or units together. This is where the bus term comes into play.

The best way to look at the CAN bus and how it works is to consider all of the electronics in a modern car. This system can be incredibly complex. It can include everything from the engine controls to audio systems, airbags, and more. These things are known as ECUs (electronic control units). They need to be able to communicate with each other to share information. However this can be a tricky proposition.

A big concern with a product that has dozens of ECUs that need to connect together is the wiring. To connect them all into a network would require a huge amount of wire. It would be time consuming to build this and there would be a high risk of the whole thing failing if even one connection was faulty. The wiring would also add to the weight and overall cost.

CAN bus is a solution to this problem. Instead of so much wiring, this system only requires two wires. Signals can then be broadcast along them so they can reach every ECU. The individual ECUs can prepare and send info. When these details are sent, the other units can check it before deciding whether to receive or ignore it.

The best choice

Today CAN bus is the standard for almost every vehicle that comes off a production line. It also has a lot of uses in industrial machinery. The popularity is because of the array of benefits. This includes the lower costs, efficiency, robustness, and centralisation. The latter is very important as a technician can access all ECUs from a single point.

Do you want CANUSB adaptors?

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