The qualities that make PIC keyfobs so renowned

Ours is a company that prides itself on being able to supply its clients with first class programming apparatus. With a wide variety of products available, including keyfob programmers, it’s easy to find something that fits your specifications. Inexpensive and long lasting, you can rely on the devices we offer whether you are a regular programmer or new to it.

Although it’s small, the PIC keyfob programmer is a machine that can be utilised without fallacy. This is true even for untrained individuals. After one of these mechanisms has been bundled with the relevant EEPROM data file or program file, you’ll be free to use it. Once you’ve pressed the button, the code stored within shall be delivered to the device being programmed. The green light beside the button informs the user that programming has been victorious. It really is this straightforward.

What else is the keyfob capable of?

All of the intelligence is contained within non-volatile memory. As a result, you can cache this gadget for an extensive duration. You can also use it to unceasingly program microcontrollers in-system. Every 64KB keyfob model is loaded from a computer through a parallel port. This is accomplished using a starter kit, which we also have in stock. No matter how many keyfobs you end up with, you shall only need the one kit.

In terms of programming modes, the keyfob comes with two options. It supports both High and Low Voltage Programming. The point at which your instrument is loading from the PC is when you can choose your required mode. If you want High Voltage, connect a 12V generator board. For Low, connect your LVP/PGM pin.

At Kanda, in addition to PIC keyfob programmers, we also provide ST7, COP8, AT89S, and AVR variants. Each one is useful when dealing with different makes of microcontrollers. However, all of them are effective in their own respects.

If you are interested in our goods and desire further information on them, you’re welcome to contact us anytime. You can also find some useful resources on our website.

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