The two varieties of starter kits

Kanda spends its time providing the best programming merchandise for our customers. Microcontrollers are included here. In addition, we have starter kits for them. There are models for AVR, PIC, PLD, and FPGA. We even have a range of accessories on offer to complement them.

At some stage, you will be ready to create a proof of concept prototype. The only thing is, how do you select the correct starter kit? Also called a development kit, this will function as the brain of your project. It will end up communicating with the electrical components that are interconnected. What we are going to do is look into the finer details of these kits so you can choose the right one.


You can divide these starter kits into two varieties. These are ones based on microprocessor units (MPU) and those based on microcontroller units (MCU). Both are merely two forms of computer chips. The MCU is easier to design and program, and does not need an operating system. Additionally, it costs less than an MPU and consumes less power.

With an MPU, they are more complex when it comes to designing and programming. However, they are faster. Since they come with greater performance capabilities, they need more power as well. What’s more, they use a full operating system like Android or Linux.

The brains

Consider the microcontroller the brains of products like microwaves, drones, and remote controls. As for the microprocessor, it is the brain behind smart phones and computer products. In truth, if you link a display and keyboard to a microprocessor starter kit, it is possible to use it as a standalone computer.

A brain is capable of taking inputs from the environment, processing the details, and then triggering a reaction. In a similar fashion, an MPU/MCU is able to sense numerous input signals. It then offers corresponding output signals.

A microcontroller has a core processor and a certain amount of memory. There is also one serial interface for communing with exterior peripherals. Plus, there are general purpose output or input (GPIO) pins that are all integrated onto one chip.

Mainly, we use microcontrollers to manage processors. Moreover, they are useful for managing output/input signals from components connected externally. These include electronic displays, wireless radios, and sensors.

Our starter kits are very reliable

At Kanda, we make sure that we always have plenty of products available for customers. This is important as we do business with people from all over the world. We also make sure that everything we stock will be long lasting and reliable too. You can expect to still have your items working 15 years later.

So, if you would like to do business with us, feel free to get in touch. Or, browse for starter kits on our website and place your order when you find what you need. We will arrange fast delivery when you do.

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