The inner workings of Bluetooth and Zigbee

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People use both Bluetooth and Zigbee wireless protocols for local communications. This is within internet of Things (ioT) applications. You can choose either one for your own uses. It is possible to do this because both protocols have unique strengths. In some cases, one shall reign supreme. In others however, it will be better to use both in tandem. To fully understand the two, we must have a deeper look at them.

The Zigbee side

This is an open global standard for low bandwidth, low power, and cost effective wireless mesh networking. It enables you to transmit data over large distances. It does this by moving information via a mesh network of intermediate nodes so they can reach distant ones. If you ever need Bluetooth Zigbee device servers, speak to our company.

Zigbee comes with a host of advantages too. For one thing, you can create substantial mesh networks within it. These are far bigger than the reach of a single radio. The Zigbee mesh is capable of automatically configuring itself too. In order to repair itself, it will reconfigure dynamically. This happens if any nodes are removed or disabled.

Machines from different manufacturers are capable of seamlessly communicating here as an inoperable standard. This makes Zigbee great for industrial ioT and home automation. Not to mention, the costs of using it are modest.

The Bluetooth Side

This is a personal area wireless networking protocol. It was created for communicating over small distances. Originally, it was meant to replace the wires for linking devices to their peripherals. Examples include mobile phones as well as PCs. This includes mice, keyboards, and headphones. Similar to Zigbee and Wi-Fi, it functions within the 2.4 GHz frequency range.

Then there are Bluetooth’s advantages. The classic version can help if your project must receive or send lots of data. Many devices can implement classic too. For video and audio feeds, it is simple to pair with a laptop, tablet, or phone to start receiving information. You can also support serial streams. Another positive of the classic variant is that it is an incredibly mature protocol.

The best Bluetooth Zigbee device servers

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