What’s included with the PIC starter kits?

Kanda are a company with a reputation for supplying the finest programming utensils in the country. This includes starter kits. You can pick from a wide variety of designs, each with their own purpose. For example, the AVR Xmega Development Board allows you to familiarise yourself with the Xmega microcontroller. There is much more to discover about our merchandise however.

Why is PIC popular?

The PIC starter kit is one of our most popular offerings. It comes with a plethora of components. For instance, there’s a microchip PICkit3 in-circuit debugger/programmer. There’s also the PIC-BOARD development board and a pair of microcontrollers. The board possesses sockets for 40, 28, 20, 14, and 8-pin PIC18F and PIC16F microcontrollers. You can find a DB9 UART interface, a socket for an EEPROM, and headers for optional peripheral modules and every available pin.

You’re able to achieve in-circuit programming of your PIC MCU through a 6-pin header. Users are free to plug the PICkit3 into it. The microcontrollers this kit has include the PIC18F4221 and PIC16F887. This provides you with everything you require to begin work on PIC18 and PIC16.


One of the starter kit’s main features though is the inclusion of MPLAB. It can support every Windows operating system, as well as 64-bit variations. Moreover, it functions in WINE for Linux.

MPLAB stands as being an exceptional development environment. It has a stimulator, assembler, editor, and C compilers all built in. This makes the learning procedure an easy one. Development can move more quickly too. The debugger and PICkit3 programmer both run from this environment. Therefore, you can run to breakpoints, watch register changes, and single-step through your code.

At Kanda, we know that not everyone will be familiar with the products we sell. Sometimes, potential customers come to us with questions. When they do, our team does its best to provide them with the answers they’re after. This includes helping them decide which starter kits are the right fit for them.

If we can be of help to you, please contact us. You can also find out what each starter kit includes on our website.

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