How do Type-C USB connectors differ from the others?

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The majority of electronic devices shall have at least one regular USB Type-A port. Smaller products like exterior hard drives, power banks, and smartphones will typically feature the compact Type-B connectors. Alternatively, they might have micro-USB ones to save on room.


More recently, Type-C connectors have built a reputation as being a one-size-fits-all approach. This is for transferring data and charging between devices. Of course, people have been asking whether this option is actually superior to what we have had before. What we are going to do is examine some of the essential features in comparison to the normal Type-A port.


Firstly, we will discuss the reversible new shape. The Type-A port has a far bigger physical connector than its Type-C counterpart. The latter is roughly the same size as one micro-USB connector. As opposed to Type-A, you won’t have to attempt to insert it and flip it over twice to locate the proper orientation. The great thing about Type-C is that you can insert it any way up. This is due to the connector pins being the same on both sides. If you are in need of Quick USB modules, make sure you contact our team.

Faster charging

Type-C has quicker charging as well. Presently, a regular USB 2.0 connection provides as much as 2.5W of power. This is about enough to charge a phone very slowly. With the USB PD standard that Type-C supports, it can provide a gargantuan 100W of power. This is more than enough to charge a laptop. It is also bidirectional. In other words, devices can receive and send power. They can do both at the same time too.


Type-C is not going to be some obscure connector that remains exclusive to only one manufacturer’s devices. Over 700 technology establishments worked together on the adoption and design. Therefore, you can expect to see it on a multitude of products.

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