Getting to grips with the AVR Hand Held Programmer Starter Kit

When it comes to programming utensils, we are considered one of the top providers around. Stocking an impressive collection of technological apparatus, including our AVR handheld programmers, we have everything that an experienced or aspiring programmer requires to complete their project. Complete with cost effective prices and a quick delivery service, the merchandise we stock should be the first thing that comes to mind.

Anyone who is looking to get started with AVR programming would benefit greatly from purchasing the Atmel AVR Hand Held Programmer Starter Kit with 256k memory. With this kit at your disposal, as well as the simple to use Wizard Software, you will be able to load the programmer from a PC and won’t have to use the computer again afterwards.

As you may have guessed, this handheld device is entirely portable. All you must do is plug it into the target boards and program/verify flash and/or EEPROM and fuses onto the object AVR microcontroller with but a mere button press. It is capable of either drawing energy from the specified circuit, or offering power via its battery.

In terms of key features, the starter kit’s programmer comes with a 9V PP3 power source. After a single loading has taken place, the program shall continue to target indefinitely. Should the need arise for you to reload new programs, you can do so as often as you wish. The program code will also be carried permanently. You don’t have to concern yourself with individual Lock and Fuse bits either, as support is available for all of them.

At Kanda, in addition to the AVR models, we also supply handheld EEPROM, SAMD, and PIC designs. Suitable for both production and field usage, our products have the potential to meet a multitude of programming requirements. They also have helpful functionalities like restricted use, which puts a limit on how many units one customer is able to program.

If you are interested in discovering more about our AVR handheld programmers, please get in touch. We can offer advice and explain exactly why so many clients rely on them.

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