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If you are looking for programming starter kits for a wide series of microcontrollers, we can assist you. We have products for PIC, ST7, and AVR models, as well as several others. In addition, we have many accessories you can use with them. Everything we stock is high quality and can be yours for very fair prices.

Arduino kits

If you don’t know the name, Arduino is a basic single board microcontroller. It was created to make environments, interactive controls, or applications easily adaptive. The hardware includes a board that has a 32-bit ARM or an 8-bit microcontroller. Models feature characteristics like GPIO pins, analog inputs, and a USB interface. Users can then attach more boards to them thanks to these features.

The Arduino platform dates back to 2005. It was meant to be a cost effective way for professionals, students, and hobbyists to create applications that control a number of real world products. Examples include motors, actuators, and sensors. Standard applications for beginners or students are motion detectors and simple robots.

Arduino provides a simple integrated development environment (IDE). This operates on regular personal computers. Users are able to write programs with C or C++.


There are several benefits to using Arduino and our starter kits. For one thing, there is cross-platform capability. The software for Arduino runs on Linux, Macintosh OSX, and Windows operating systems. You will find that the majority of systems only work on windows.

Another benefit would be that there is a clear, simple programming environment. Arduino is among the easiest options to use for new users. However, those with a lot of experience can still take advantage of it too. The processing programming environment is good for teachers. Any students learning the program within that setting shall be able to familiarise themselves with the feel and look of Arduino.

Furthermore, there is extensible and open source software. The community is great and there are lots of free tools to use. You can expand the language with the C++ libraries. Moreover, people wishing to look at the technical information can jump to AVR C. They can do so from the Arduino programming language. Likewise, it is possible to add AVR-C code into the programs if you wish it.

Come and see our starter kits

At Kanda, we have plenty of Arduino options to choose from. They include Waveshare Arduino Experiment Kits and Motor Control Shields. When it comes to starter kits and programmers in general, there is no better place to shop than here.

Get in touch if you would like to order from us. Or, if you find what you need on our website, you can buy online in a few clicks.

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