Bringing JTAG compatibility to handheld programmers

We are delighted to confirm that we’ve introduced support for JTAG programming to a number of our handheld programmers. Although this is still being rolled out across all models, at this stage we have got it in place on our most popular models of normal AVR and ISP devices.

Support has been developed and implemented in response to rising demand for “all in one” handheld programmers from our customers. On top of this there have been increasing needs and requirements for JTAG debugging and programming at remote locations.

JTAG (Joint Testing Action Group) is usually associated with testing the working functionality of printed circuit boards rather than actually programming them. There are a number of reasons why people have moved to it rather than AVR or ISP.

We will look at them in much closer detail on our site at a later stage, but for now we would say that the main reason is that JTAG programming updates tend to be faster. Whilst it is true that the increased speed is only marginal in a like-for-like comparison, it is significant when high volume updates are being carried out.

The main challenge to making a handheld programmer capable of JTAG, AVR or ISP programming and updates is, as you might well have expected, connectivity. Whilst there is a great deal of overlap between the three in terms of functionality and capability, there is no escaping that an entirely different form of connection is required for both.

In meeting the above we supply specially designed adapters for use with all JTAG supported handheld programmers. This gives you full compatibility when using the programmer, rather than relying on the proverbial – and dreaded – “workaround” type of solution. We have designed the adapter in such a way that it integrates perfectly with the programming unit.

Updating our handheld programmers to be functional for JTAG is just one aspect of our dedication to service. It illustrates one of the ways in which we make sure you are provided with the latest systems and approaches in the industry. More importantly, it also shows how we always listen to what you, our valued customers, want and need in terms of functionality in devices.

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