Bluetooth protocol types

Kanda has a reputation for supplying a wide range of specialist programming products, including Bluetooth Zigbee device servers. This kind of server is a fast way to set up a network interface. This is a great way to allow remote access to your equipment. You can do so using a COM port.

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that uses radio waves for communication. It has the ability to link with several devices at the same time without an interface. In addition it is an open standard for the data support. This is from the multiplier to point and point to point applications. Finally, it has a short-range radio link and a low price. If a pair of Bluetooth gadgets is in 50 meters range, they can connect.

Protocol stack

The primary purpose of Bluetooth is a protocol stack. It offers separate kinds of functionalities and layers. Furthermore, it defines them.

Bluetooth is able to run distinct applications. It does so over unique protocol stacks. However, each of them uses the same physical layers and link.

The protocols have a number of other relationships with the other ones. For instance, certain ones employ the LMP in order to supervise the link manager.

A complete protocol

This kind of stack includes both user datagram protocols and Bluetooth specific ones. An example would be object exchange. There is a leading principle here. It is to lower the reuse of present protocols for separate purposes. They are at higher layers.

The protocol reuse comes in handy for the legacy applications. They operate with the Bluetooth machinery to measure the interoperability of apps and the smooth operations. As a result, people can devise ways to take immediate advantage of the hardware and software.

At Kanda, we have a myriad of server types, including Bluetooth Zigbee devices servers. You can purchase all of them from our online shop. We have options with between 1 and 16 ports. There are also models with relationships to 10 and 100 base-T networks.

If you would like to know more about any item we offer, feel free to contact us.

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