Bluetooth can serve the industrial IoT well

We have spent a long time providing long range Bluetooth devices and other equipment to customers. What separates us from other suppliers is that our goods prioritise longevity. Many of our clients are still using their merchandise years after the initial purchase because it is still effective. In addition, we strive to find something that suits every budget.

Countless individuals use Bluetooth in some form every day. Normally, we need it to link up keyboards, mice, headsets, phones, and the like. In truth, the tech is so pervasive that there is a prediction that a colossal 5.2 billion gadgets with it will ship by 2022’s end. Something that gets less attention though is that it is extremely well-suited for smart industrial usage. We want to change this by discussing some reasons why those designing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) networks and systems should think about using Bluetooth.

Less interference

The first reason is that Bluetooth is very immune to interference. It has intelligent ways of making sure messages successfully get to their destinations. This is despite it utilising the busy 2.4GHz ISM frequency band. It shares this with ZigBee, Wi-Fi, and others.

Adaptive frequency hopping aids us in ensuring data makes its way through the noise successfully. Individual messages get broken into compact data packets. These are then sent over a number of channels, within a pre-defined sequence. They are solely known to the receiving and transmitting devices. As many as 1,600 channel-switches are able to occur each second.

If data packets don’t reach their destination properly, they are re-sent. If the channel was the issue, it will flag up to prevent future complications.

Bit errors

Bluetooth also has the ability to detect and overcome these issues. In noisy settings, or when data must travel over huge distances, there is the possibility of bit errors heading into your messages. Bluetooth picks these up, and takes the necessary action to stop unreliable channels.

Something else it can do is use forward error correction to solve errors when data gets to the receiver. Contact us for the best long range Bluetooth products money can buy.


Lastly, Bluetooth has the capacity to integrate with your current industrial systems. Serial ports are common in industrial applications. Due to the Serial Port Profile (SPP), Bluetooth is able to fit with your current equipment. SPP works by emulating a complete serial interface. As a result, you are free to replace a cable using a wireless link. You can do so with either a point-to-point or multi-point operation.

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