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Starter Kits » Arduino » R3-PLUS

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Arduino Compatible R3 PLUS

Kanda -
  • Waveshare R3 PLUS board
  • 100% Arduino Compatible
  • Works with shield, sensors, LCDs
  • Recognised by Arduino IDE
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Recorded Airmail: $15.00
Fedex Express: $25.00
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Price: $17.99
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Arduino Compatible R3 PLUS Board

Waveshare R3 Plus development board. Compatible with official Arduino R3 board. All Arduino shields and accessories will work with this board and it is fully compatible with Arduino IDE and other software, like avrdude-GUI.

R3 Plus and Arduino R3 Compared

R3 PLUS Official R3 Remarks
Operating voltage 5V/3.3V 5V Dual voltage level to support more shields
Reset Lateral Vertical Lateral button is easier to use when connecting with shield
Bootloader switch Yes None The board can be configured to run program immediately when power-up by the switch
USB connector Micro USB USB Type B Micro connector is more commonly used, and shields won't be blocked anymore while connecting
DC jack Low profile Normal height Shields won't be blocked anymore while connecting
Power output header Yes None

Providing 5V/3.3V power output OR common-grounding with other boards

3.3V power output 800mA Max 150mA Max R3 PLUS features higher driving capability
Oscillator Crystal oscillator Ceramic resonator Crystal oscillator is suit for applications where accurate clock reference is required
ADC channel 8 6 CFG used as ADC6 by configuration, and ADC7 from the Reserved PIN
Connecting with
prototype breadboard
Supported Not supported Solder pads is provided for DIY interfaces to connecting with prototype breadboard
USB driver Compatible with all main systems Doesn't compatible with WIN7/WIN8 Express Edition Driver will never failed to install thanks to the onboard FT232
Firmware fixing Supported Not supported Firmware can be fixed by using the onboard FT232, no extra programmer is needed

Board Description

arduino board details

  1. ATMEGA328P-AU
  2. AMS1117-3.3
    3.3V voltage regulator
  3. NCP1117ST50T3G
    5V voltage regulator
  4. FT232RL
    USB to UART convertor
  5. Arduino interface
    • compatible with standard Arduino interface with two additional analog inputs A6 (config the CFG), A7
    • solder pads provided, supports prototype breadboard
  6. ICSP interface
  7. MICRO USB connector
    for uploading program OR serial port debugging
  8. Power output header
    3.3V OR 5V, voltage level configured by the onboard power configuration switch, used as power output OR common-grounding with other boards
  1. FT232 pins
    for burning Bootloader into the microcontroller
  2. DC input
    7V ~ 12V
  3. Reset button
  4. Power indicator
  5. Serial port Rx/Tx indicator
  6. User LED
  7. 500mA fast auto-recovery fuse
  8. Power configuration
    for configuring the operating voltage
  9. Bootloader selection switch
    • turn ON: the board will reset when power-up OR other USB devices were detected connecting to the PC
    • turn OFF: the onboard program runs immediately when power-up, and the board will not reset when other USB devices were detected connecting to the PC

Connecting Accessories

Arduino shields will just connect to this R3 Plus board. See accessories below for different shields.

arduino shields mounted

Sensors can be connected using the I/O Expansion Shield - see accessories below.

arduino sensors mounted

For a full development kit, purchase this board plus W-EXP-SHIELD and W-SENSORS

R3 PLUS Pin-outs

arduino shields mounted

R3 PLUS Dimensions

arduino R3 Plus dimensions


Waveshare R3 PLUS Wiki in new tab.

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Ordering Information

Ordering Information Order Code: R3-PLUS Price: $17.99
Shipping to United States: Recorded airmail - $15.00 Fedex Express - $25.00


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