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ST7 LITE Microcontroller Starter Kit

ST7 LITE Microcontroller USB Starter Kit

ST7FLITE2 Starter Kit
The PK-ST7FLITE2 Starter Kit is an entry level tool which allows you to get started with the STMicroelectronics ST7FLITE2 microcontroller. The PK-ST7FLITE2 Starter Kit...

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ST7FLITE2 Starter Kit

The PK-ST7FLITE2 Starter Kit is an entry level tool which allows you to get started with the STMicroelectronics ST7FLITE2 microcontroller. The PK-ST7FLITE2 Starter Kit takes advantage of the STMicroelectronics Visual Debug Integrated Development Environment (STVD7, which groups an Editor, Assembler and Debugger), and the ST7FLITE2 built-in debug features, which allow the download and debug of the user application into the microcontroller's FLASH memory.

The PK-ST7FLITE2 Starter Kit also includes the evaluation versions of the Metrowerks and Cosmic C compilers for ST7, which seamlessly integrate with STVD7. Together with STVD7, PK-ST7FLITE2 provides you with everything you need to write, compile, download, in-circuit emulate and debug user code. Full-speed program execution allows you to perform hardware and software testing in real time. PK-ST7FLITE2 is connected to the host PC through a USB port. A prototyping area allows you to wire your own small application.
Evaluation Board Features
The PK-ST7FLITE2 board has the following hardware features:
  • A "USB to ICC Interface" section. It contains the circuitry needed to electrically and logically translate ICC-like commands sent by the host PC through the USB cable to the ICC interface of the microcontroller. The PK-ST7FLITE2 board is powered by the USB bus.
  • A "Demo" section. It features a RESET push-button, one user push-button, a potentiometer and eight user LEDs.
  • A "MCU" section. It contains a soldered, 20-pin ST7FLITE2 device (in SOIC package) with connectors to access the I/O pins of the microcontroller for expansion prototyping.
  • A "Prototype" section. You can wire your own circuit here. The prototype section features both a standard, thru-hole area (for mounting traditional components) and a SMD area (for soldering SMD components in SOIC package).
    Debug Features
    ST7FLITE2 Built-In Debug Features The ST7FLITE2 microcontroller features an ICC (In-Circuit Communication) serial interface module which allows to communicate with a host device through two dedicated pins (ICCDATA and ICCCLK). By means of ICC commands, a host device can program data into/read data from the microcontroller, retrieve CPU register contents, and run the user program. Additionally, a dedicated peripheral (the Debug Module, or DM) is hard-wired in the device and allows advanced debugging features like single-step execution and advanced breakpoints. All these features allow the implementation of low-cost, real-time emulation solutions, like the PK-ST7FLITE2 Starter Kit. As a bonus, the PK-ST7FLITE2 Starter Kit features a USB-to-ICC circuitry which allows the host PC to communicate to the microcontroller through a standard USB cable.
    Device, OS Support and Communications
  • Supports ST7FLITE29F2M Device
  • Support for Win98(SE), 2000, ME, XP
  • USB interface, also provides power.
  • ISP interface for target microcontroller
    Package Contents
    • Starter Kit Board
    • USB Cable
    • SofTec Microsystems CD w/ Microcontroller Datasheets
    • Printed User's Manual
    • "Quickstart Tutorial"
    • Poster

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    Ordering Information

    Ordering Information Order Code: PK-ST7FLITE2 Price: $299.00
    Shipping to United States: Recorded airmail - $9.75 Express price - $19.00

    No Replacement

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