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    I had a cheap motor driver that I bought on kynix. You can see product details at

    I was planning to use this motor driver to power my robot, which uses two 24v wheelchair motors. Then I connected both motors on the motor driver and wrote a simple program that gradually accelerated the motors from 0% to full power. I hooked up two 12v car batteries in series (making 24v) and then connecting this voltage to the controller.

    As soon as I ran the program, the motors worked for a few seconds and then smoke came out the motor driver. After I inspected the motor driver, I that saw a couple of MOSFETs were fried along with part of the circuit board. Assume my batteries and motors were correctly connected to the motor driver. Under this case, I would conclude that my motor driver got was damaged due to over-current. The voltage clearly did not exceed the maximum rating. Although I don’t exactly know the current rating of the motors, I heard a few experts say that my motors use around 15-amps to 30-amps depending on the load applied.

    I do not want to make my own motor driver and I do not want to buy anything too expensive.

    Again, this brings me to this question: Can I hook up the output of two 15-amp motor drivers in series to achieve a 30-amp tolerance?

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    Hi…as per my knowledge A tools amp rating indicates the electrical current load a motor can carry for an indefinite period of time without degrading the insulation and other electrical compounds of the motor. In a UL tested tool, the motor is tested to verify that it can run or operate below a specific temperature while current or electricity is flowing through it. So in essence how much can the motor absorb and dissipate heat. Motor speed is important. The faster a motor can spin the more air it can draw through the motor to help cool it down.

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