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    AvatarDavid Daniels

    I’ve bought an AVRISP-U and i m trying to use it with a atmega128 but when I try to read the eeprom or flash I always get an error “your target device is not responding”.
    I’ve checked the circuit to see if there’s some mistake but it’s the same of your advice ( pull-down resistor 100KOhm plus a 1NF C to GND on miso mosi sck line and 10k pull-up for the reset plus 1Nf to GND).
    Can you give me some advice? I’ve tried every configuration in the setup.

    AvatarKanda Admin
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    I am not entirely clear about your circuit description, but we do not recommend capacitors on programming lines, especially clock line. Your reset circuit seems fine.
    Here is our < href=""> AVR recommended ISP circuit guide.

    Please remember that ATmega128 uses TX and RX lines, not SPI MISO and MOSI as data lines, so are you using the UART0 in your circuit?
    This is the usual programming problem with ATmega128, UART circuitry loading programming data lines. The UART circuitry should be isolated with 10K resistors.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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