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Waveshare Bluetooth

Waveshare Bluetooth modules using Nordic Semiconductor nRF51822 chips, with ARM Cortex M1 core. Support Bluetooth 5.

ARM Programmer Debugger

Product Picture

ARM Debugger is a debugger and programmer which supports the most popular ARM core MCUs including : ARM7/9/11, Cortex-M0/M3/M4, etc. It uses JTAG/SWD interface.
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Price: $25.99

Waveshare Bluetooth Slave Module

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Waveshare UART to Bluetooth Module
Simple serial port to Bluetooth module with pin header for easy connection to your development system, including Arduino Plus board. This is a slave module that can't initiate communications but can com
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Price: $8.99

Bluetooth NRF51822 Development Kit

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Development Kit for Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Modules
This Waveshare kit has a BLE400 motherboard fitted with an NRF51822 Bluetooth module. It is an ideal and low cost way of evaluating these new Bluetooth 4.0 modules.
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Price: $15.99

W-CORE51822 Bluetooth Module

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This Waveshare module is fitted with an NRF51822 Bluetooth chip. It is simple way of using these new Bluetooth 4.0 low power nRF51822 SoC.
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Price: $6.99


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