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Accessories for older AVR starter kits

Accessories for starter kits such as LCDs, keypads, 7-segment displays and cable sets.

4 by 3 Keypad

Product Picture
Low profile 3 x 4 keypad.
A low profile 3 x 4 keypad of compact size suitable for use on hand held and other small equipment. A single rectangular cut is required to fit the keypad...
Order Code
Price: $11.70

4 by 3 Keypad with 10-way header

Product Picture
Low Profile 3 x 4 keypad with 10 pin header.
A low profile 3 x 4 keypad of compact size suitable for use on hand held and other small equipment. The conductive rubber contacts require a low...
Order Code
Price: $14.50

16 by 2 Alphanumeric LCD Module

Product Picture
Alphanumeric LCD Display Module
16 Character by 2 line intelligent dot matrix display module. This module uses Super Twist Nematic (STN) technology which gives superior viewing angles...
Order Code
Price: $21.60

Cables for AVR Dragon

Product Picture
Cable Set for AVR Dragon
Set of cables and leads to connect AVR Dragon programmer and emulator to Kanda STK200 AVR boards. Includes connectors for connecting JTAG interface on AVR Dragon...
Order Code
Price: $19.00

AVR STK200 Starter Kit Flash RAM set

Product Picture
RAM Chipset for STK200
This product is only for new STK200/STK300 boards
RAM Chip set for use with new STK200 or STK300 AVR Starter Kit with 32-pin PLCC socket fitted. Allows data and program storage in ...
Order Code
Price: $11.58

7-Segment Display for Starter Kits

Product Picture
7-Segment Display for Starter Kits A 7-segment display module with 10-way ribbon cable for plugging into Kanda starter kits, including STK200, STK300 and PIC Trainer...
Order Code
Price: $11.00


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