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Kanda Programmers

Kanda having mean making AVR ISP since 1995, and produced the first AVR programmer on the market. As you might expect, we are now pretty good at it! Our range covers all your AVR microcontroller programming requirements.

We think we have got it right and all our products have been designed to give you the maximum flexibility while remaining easy to use. Our low cost AVRISP-U programmer is ideal for entry level programming and includes all the features you need, including code buffers, automatic device detection and speed setting, serial numbers, calibration bytes, fuses and Auto-programming functions.

If you need more features, then our AVRUSB unit also includes a DLL and command line for integration into your own software or test equipment, includes JTAG programming and adapter, supports obsolete AT90S microcontrollers and one PC can run up to 8 of them. Examples are included for VB, C++ and Delphi.

Kanda also supply a version of AVR DRAGON that includes all the leads and cables needed to connect it to STK200, STK300 or STK500 boards or your own circuit using JTAG, ISP or DebugWire.

If you want a standalone unit, we have a choice of low cost keyfob programmers and the more robust handheld programmer. Both are loaded from the PC using simple wizard software and USB interface. Once loaded, they are completely portable, battery operated and the handheld programmer can also power your target circuit, if required.

Some of our popular products are listed here.

AVR Dragon ISP/ICE (Xmega, JTAG, DebugWire)

Kanda product- AVR Dragon ISP/ICE (Xmega, JTAG, DebugWire)
Enhanced AVR Dragon Programmer and Emulator
The AVR Dragon runs from Atmel's AVRStudio development environment, and it is a combined ISP programmer and emulator. Kanda version includes all leads and adapters needed...
Order Code
Price: $89.00

AVR ISP MKII Programmer (ISP, Xmega, TDI)

Kanda product- AVR ISP MKII Programmer (ISP, Xmega, TDI)
AVRISP MKII Programmer
Low cost programmer for programming all ATtiny, ATmega and ATXmega microcontrollers using in system programming from Studio development environment...
Order Code
Price: $49.00

USB AVR Handheld Programmer

Kanda product- USB AVR Handheld Programmer
256K Hand Held Programmer for AVR
Now with JTAG support
Mobile Programmer, for simple Field and Production programming of AVR microcontrollers, using ISP or JTAG...
Order Code
Price: $159.00

USB AVR ISP In System Programmer

Kanda product- USB AVR ISP In System Programmer
Low cost USB port AVR ISP
The low cost AVRISP-U has its own software or can be run from Studio. It can power target and now has stronger drive to program difficult ISP circuits...
Order Code
Price: $39.00

USB AVR Keyfob Programmer

Kanda product- USB AVR Keyfob Programmer
64KB Individual Keyfob Mini-programmer for AVR
USB Port version
A completely portable programmer for In System Programming of AVR flash microcontrollers, for field and production use with 64KB of memory.
Order Code
Price: $99.00

USB AVR Programmer with JTAG

Kanda product- USB AVR Programmer with JTAG
USB AVR Programmer with JTAG
In System Programmer with ISP and JTAG interfaces. Packed with extra features for ATtiny, AT90S and ATmega AVR microcontrollers. Includes command line and DLL software...
Order Code
Price: $149.00
We can ship our AVR ISP kits anywhere in the world, and accept payment by Paypal or credit card using our secure online payment gateway. You can also request a proforma invoice on our shop if you would rather pay by bank transfer.

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